Marriage & Wedding Preparation

The Saint Bridget Parish community extends their congratulations upon your upcoming wedding. We are delighted you have chosen our church to celebrate your love and commitment to your intended spouse. This is a very happy and sacred moment in your life. We want to do our best to fulfill the joy this day will bring to you both.

Arrangements should be made with one of the priests at least one year prior to the intended date of marriage so that all requirements can be completed.

Since Marriage is a lifelong commitment, appropriate preparation is needed. All couples intending to be married at Saint Bridget Parish must attend Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation. Pre-Cana is provides an opportunity for couples to discuss issues of communication, family life, intimacy and role expectations. You are asked to attend one of the weekend sessions, which is offered weekends throughout the year at the Espousal Center in Waltham. The 2015 schedule is found below.

Please Note: Saturday weddings can be celebrated from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the latest.

Sunday weddings can be celebrated from 1:30pm to 4:00pm at the latest.

Upcoming Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Schedule


  • February 6-7
  • April 2-3
  • April 30-May 1
  • May 21-22
  • June 4-5
  • July 9-10
  • August 6-7
  • September 10-11
  • October 1-2
  • November 5-6
  • December 3-4

All Pre Cana sessions are held at the The Espousal Center, 554 Lexington Street, Waltham.

To register or for information: call 781-209-3101 or email.