WeShare/Parish Pay

To strengthen stewardship at St. Bridget Parish we request that you to consider utilizing a new and easier way to support our parish – Automated Giving through WeShare/Parish Pay.

What is Automated Giving?

An alternate means of support for St. Bridget Parish instead of envelopes. In lieu of weekly collections, the Parish Pay program will collect monthly contributions from your checking, saving, or credit card account.

There is NO cost to participate in the program.

What are the benefits to me?

  • Allows you to plan your giving, in the same way you budget your other financial commitments.
  • You no longer have to be concerned about catching-up missed offertory donations when you miss a Mass because you are out of town, on vacation, ill, etc.
  • You can easily adjust the amount of your automated contribution (up or down) through the Rectory or do it yourself via a secure website access.
  • You no longer need to write a check every week.

How does it relate to the use of the weekly envelopes?

If you choose to participate in the Automated Giving Program, this will replace your weekly envelopes.

I feel uncomfortable not having something to physically drop into the collection basket. What should I do?

Special donation slips are available for those enrolled in the automated giving program to be dropped into the collection basket, should you wish.

What about Special Collections?

You can specify your giving level for Special Collections and special celebration dates (e.g., Christmas, Easter) when you join the Automated Giving Program, or anytime thereafter.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, please visit the WeShare/Parish Pay website to set up and manage your account.