We are in serious need of CAP (Chauffer a Parishioner) Drivers. This program provides to those who are incapable to drive themselves to weekend Masses, giving them an opportunity to be driven by other generous parishioners. Just a simple pick-up and drop-off! The riders are flexible as to what Mass you attend.   Unfortunately, our much appreciated volunteer program is … Read More

Honoring Our Veterans and Those Who Currently Serve Our Country

Once again St. Bridget Parish  will honor our Veterans and those serving in the armed forces and Coast Guard in a special insert in the bulletin for Veteran’s Day. Please email a photo of the person to be honored along with their name, rank and picture for the insert. Email photos by October 28 to bulletin@stbridgetparish.org.   We look forward … Read More

All Souls Day Roll Call of Deceased Mass

  Wednesday, November 2nd | 9:00AM All the deceased of the past year will have their names read as part of the Roll Call of Remembrance during this Mass.  Also held in prayer and remembrance are all the deceased along with their families and friends.