Supporters of the HAS Fund

To Supporters of the HAS Fund,

This year our family was faced with the difficult decision of trying to afford Catholic School. We took a leap of faith and requested assistance from the HAS Fund. The support from contributors like you means more than can be described in words.

Children will learn academics at any school. However, at St. Bridget’s in addition to strong academics, they learn to begin and end each day with a prayer, the value of Holy Mass, and the importance of Faith. No matter what university they may attend or how successful they may appear to be as adults, without Faith in God, they will not know salvation. As children learn to apply their beliefs and follow God’s commands, they  are led to a bountiful life. Today’s secular society promotes atheism, narcissism, and hedonism. Although it may give instant gratification, it ultimately paves the path to misery. Public school cannot prepare my child for dealing with the suffering inherent in life; rather it teaches my child to remove God during the school day, which is the majority of my child’s day. If learning to marginalize one’s Lord and Creator is acceptable the question for my child then becomes “what isn’t okay?” With so much competing for my child’s soul, he needs strong roots in our Catholic Faith to ensure his salvations. Although we do our best at home to live our Faith, attending Catholic School helps to reinforce what we teach at home. God has entrusted this child to us and we have one chance to raise him. Financial constraints made this a difficult challenge. But thanks to you for supporting the HAS Fund and for enabling our child to attend St. Bridget’s, where it instills the values of academics AND Faith. May God Bless you and your generosity!

– An anonymous recipient