Things to think about for the fall…


This fall we would like to resume some of our parish apostolates but we need your help to keep them going! If you are interested in joining or would like more information please call the Rectory: (508) 875-5959.

  1. First Fridays—Eucharistic Adoration runs from October-June. It requires only two people per hour starting after the 9:00AM Mass until 12:30PM following with the benediction. Each month we would need six people in order to continue this ministry.
  2. Coffee & Donuts— This program operates in Oct., Nov., Feb., April, May & June on the first Sunday of the month in the school hall after the 9:30AM Mass until 11:00AM. There are more parish events occurring during the other months. It’s a great way to strengthen the parish community and we would like to keep that going! To do that we need more volunteers to help run this wonderful program!
  3. R.C.I.A—Our Parish RCIA Program starts up in September. It meets every Thursday evening from 7PM-8PM in the Parish Renewal Center. This program is for those who would like to explore the teachings of the Catholic Church with the intention of being baptized or officially received into the Church.