Congratulations to Our Graduates!



Congratulations to the Saint Bridget School Class of 2015!

Last Tuesday evening, with both joy and sadness, Saint Bridget School celebrated Graduation with our 8th Grade Students.

The following is a list of our graduates and the High School they will be attending next year. Even though they are leaving us, we also know that all our graduates realize that they will always be a part of Saint Bridget School and will never be forgotten.

Our hopes and our love go with them.

  • Alexandra Cassidy A. – Framingham High School
  • Jonah James Cahill F. – Framingham High School
  • Carolina Rose C. – Marian High School
  • Ryan Thomas C. – Boston College High School
  • Hannah Grace C. – Framingham High School
  • Niles Z C. – Ashland High School
  • Shane Hamilton C. – St. John’s High School
  • Florencia Paz C. – Mount Alvernia High School
  • Bridget Marie C. – Montrose School
  • Paige Rose D. – Marian High School
  • Brendan Patrick H. – Algonquin High School
  • Isabelle Julia Beatriz H. – Montrose School
  • Conor John H. – St. John’s High School
  • Jordana Namutebi K. – Marian High School
  • Athena DeSousa K. – Marian High School
  • Dominic Julian K. – St. John’s High School
  • Alexander Thomas K. – St. John’s High School
  • Justin Patrick K. – Marian High School
  • Samuel Rodrigues L. – Marian High School
  • Christopher John L. – Framingham High School
  • Jenna Grace M. – Montrose School
  • Cameron Malcom M. – St. John’s High School
  • Sophia Elizabeth M. – Marian High School
  • Brendan Donald P. – Ashland High School
  • Rashana Simone Kennedy R. – Marian High School
  • Jonathan David R. – Framingham High School
  • Jayda Maria S. – Framingham High School
  • Jenna S. – Framingham High School
  • Shanice S. – St. Joseph Prep
  • Brooke Ashley S. – Marian High School
  • Jackson Edward W. – Antonian High School, TX
  • Grace Clementine W. – Framingham High School

Congratulations to them all!